Publications — Dan Otter has been writing about and advocating for better retirement plan choices for teachers since he first founded 403(b)wise back in the year 2000.
Books by Dan Otter

Books by Dan Otter — Teach and Retire Rich and the now out-of-print 403(b) Wise Guide.

Financial Literacy. Simplified.

Financial Literacy. Simplified. The approachable guide to financial literacy, available for just $4.99 for the iPad from the Apple iTunes store.

Teach and Retire Rich

Teach and Retire Rich? On these salaries? Are you kidding me? Dan Otter lays out exactly how educators can reap the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of the profession. Learn more about the book including information on bulk order pricing at the Teach and Retire Rich website. Note: first published in 2005, the book has been updated annually.

The 403(b) Wise Guide

Dan's now out-of-print first book was co-written with planner Scott Dauenhauer. The book sold more than 10,000 copies and was described
by John C. Bogle as "right on!"

Dan Otter, Ph.D.